Craft Room Spring Cleaning

spring-cleaningIt’s that time of the year again! Time to clean, arrange and brighten up your craft or sewing rooms! It’s time to toss out all the clutter and take control of your craft room again.

You don’t need to scratch your head each time you need to look for your supplies again once you got your spring cleaning done. Learn about how to start with this huge task in this article.


It is the best time to start cleaning out your sewing machine. Start off by removing stray threads and replacing the blades. It is best to read your manual first to find out whether there are areas you are not supposed to spray or oil.  Pick stray pins and other metal objects on the floor by using a strong magnet. Vacuum the floor after your magnet sweep to pick up fabric and thread. Your cutting mats should also be cleaned to remove any embedded gunk in there.


By now, you’ve probably accumulated a lot of threads, fabrics, ribbons and other supplies that they’re overflowing the shelves or boxes and containers. It’s time to get more – not to mention bigger – boxes and containers. Get ones that have partitions to help you get more organized. Square containers tend to be more space-saving. However, you may not have to buy new ones if you make use of scrap cloths to make quilts. Try to find a creative way to upcycle, repurpose or recycle your extra supplies.

These are basically the best way to jumpstart your spring cleaning. The next time you walk into your craft or sewing room, you will not stumped by the clutter.